A Born Leader

Adrienne is a wife, mother, grandmother, and a community leader who has volunteered in her community since she was a young teen. In 2009, when the last of their five children graduated and joined the U.S. Army, Adrienne and her husband Timothy relocated to Washington from San Diego, California where they were foster parents. In 2013, they purchased their home in the great city of Federal Way which she loves so much.


Adrienne holds a degree in Child Development and Family Studies. She has been an advocate for children and families for most of her adult life working in programs such as Center for Parents Involved in Education, and Social Advocates for Youth. In addition, over the last 25 years she has worked as a child development teacher, school-age program teacher, and preschool director.


While working as a teacher in a well-known childcare corporation Adrienne and some co-workers dealt with unfair labor practices by management. Adrienne took the lead and formed her own union which resulted in her and six of her co-workers being wrongfully terminated. She contacted the National Labor Board and hired a lawyer. Adrienne won her lawsuit against the corporation, and her and her coworkers who were wrongfully terminated received back pay for months of lost wages.

In 2015, Adrienne was hospitalized with lung failure and had to retire from the child development field due to having a compromised immune system. Since retiring she has been volunteering her time to her program, Queens of Self-Esteem, a girls and women’s support and empowerment group she started with her daughter, Landis. Even after illness, Adrienne has continued to serve the people of this community. She served on her HOA as a secretary and as a member at large. Adrienne volunteered to oversee the annual National Night Out event, personally knocking on her neighbor’s doors to invite them to the event and to teach them the importance of community.


Serving is her passion. She often goes out into the community to feed and clothe the homeless individuals that she meets. She continues to reach out to those in need by providing them with resources, rides to doctor’s appointments, and rides to church. 


In addition, Adrienne provides rides to seniors from the Shag senior community giving them a way to run necessary errands. Furthermore, for the last few years she has been providing hot meals to the employees of her local grocery store. Adrienne is a pillar of her community known as Mama Adrienne to some.


Adrienne has decided to run for city council, because she wants to uplift, empower, and give hope to her community by helping with solving some of the immediate issues that concern the citizens of Federal Way. She is a hard worker, a problem solver, and a strong leader. She is committed to fighting for a safer, more equitable Federal Way for all who lives and works in this great city that she loves so much. She wants to advocate for the underserved city that her grandchildren are growing up in. She will use her strong voice to help bring change to this city.

Adrienne has hope for the future of Federal Way.